Secure Desktops Mailing List Charter

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0.1 Charter

0.1.1 What is Secure Desktops?

Secure Desktops is a mailing list for the discussion of security and privacy challenges in open source desktop computing systems. It is also meant to serve as a forum for collaboration between projects and developers working towards the goal of building secure and trustworthy desktop operating systems and applications.

0.1.2 What is appropriate content?

Please follow the below guidelines on what kind of discussion is acceptable on the Secure Desktops list:

0.1.3 What is inappropriate content?

The following should not be sent to the list:

0.1.4 Posting guidelines

0.1.5 Is the list moderated?

Yes, for non-members. If there is a spam problem then we may enable general moderation.

0.1.6 Who is the moderator?

David Mirza Ahmad ( dma AT )

0.2 List Management

0.2.1 How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe by sending an email message to, or request to join on the web at:

0.2.2 How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by sending an email message to, or request to unsubscribe at:

0.2.3 Is the list available in digest format?

Yes. You can configure this setting through the web interface at

0.2.4 Are there public archives?

Yes, they are located at: